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Email Marketing For Adventure Travel

We help overwhelmed adventure travel business owners by handling their email campaigns and selling out their seasons.

You already have a marketing advantage over most businesses. You sell life-changing adventure travel and experiences—the stuff of daydreams—and you have great stories to tell. But are you capitalizing on that edge?

We’re guessing no. The problem isn’t that you don’t have compelling things to say, it’s that you don’t have the time, expertise, and tools to say them.  Our service can change that. It can bring your inspiring stories to life and turn curious onlookers into raving trip-bookers.

You Love People and Adventure, Not Email

We’re willing to bet you started your business because you love people and adventure, not because you wanted to master a tedious and technical online medium like email marketing.

The cool thing is that while email marketing is too important to overlook, you don’t have to figure it out yourself. That’s our job.

We’ve spent years working with companies just like yours—mostly because we love the seize-the-day spirit… But also because we get results.

Email Marketing Gets Surf Vacation Results
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Email Marketing For Adventure Travel Just Plain Works

In your business, the difference between a successful season and a mediocre one can be just a few clients.

Email marketing for adventure travel is a proven way to increase bookings from existing customers and expand your reach to new ones.

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The Right Adventure Travel Email
Campaign Can:

Resulting In These Desired Outcomes:

  • A large, growing email list
  • Consistent effortless bookings
  • Educated buyers who are easier to serve
  • Increased online reviews and feedback from previous guests
  • An elevated and strengthened brand image
  • Referrals from readers forwarding messages to others

Hakai Lodge Sees A 37% Increase In Sales With Email Marketing

Hakai Lodge was struggling to book trips. After 30 years in business, their old marketing techniques weren’t working, so they turned to Email Broadcast for help. Almost immediately, their bookings increased an astounding 37%. 2017 was their best season ever. Then in 2018, they hosted over 300 guests during their brief 62-day season, smashing the previous record year and effectively selling out their season.

Blackfish Lodge Travel Destination

Blackfish Lodge Sells Out Their Season Before It Starts

As a small operation, Blackfish Lodge knows that a profitable season usually comes down to a few extra guests. They hired Email Broadcast to help hook those guests with automated emails. Now, when people sign up for the lodge’s fishing reports, they get a three-email series about what it’s like to stay at the lodge.

The first year the email series was active, they sold out their season before it had even started for the first time ever. When we compared their customer list with their automated series recipients, we found that 70% of early bookers had received the tantalizing introductory messages.

Yeah, But Will It Work With My Customers?

The decision to travel may seem spontaneous and simple, but we know it’s more involved than that. Booking trips takes an immense amount of energy and research. 60% of leisure travelers make their own travel arrangements—and they look online to do it.

When they visit your website and find it interesting, what happens next? Are you capturing their email addresses? Are you sending them targeted messages—engaging them through the research process, telling your story, generating interest, and providing real value so they won’t be able to resist your call to “book now?” You will be with us. Book an appointment to find out how easy this can be.

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Proud To Have Served

More Than Just Business

Adventure is part of our DNA at Email Broadcast and serving this industry is more than just a job. Our mission in this world is to do great email marketing for companies who are making a positive impact in the world. That’s why we’re proud to be members of 1% For The Planet – donating at least 1% of our sales to environmental causes. We’d like to join you in your quest to provide outstanding service to your clients while showing them the world.

How It Works

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Step 3 for Email Marketing

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This is where we execute a world-class email campaign to help you win more business while you celebrate, breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to your next project.

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