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Email Marketing Campaign Examples

Hire our expert email marketing team to handle your email campaign management so you maximize results.

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Examples of Email Design and Development Work

We cannot show you everything because we abide by strict confidentiality agreements with our clients.


When AAACEUs hired Email Broadcast to handle their email marketing, they knew that email marketing—when done correctly—was a great way to grow their business.

But serving many different credentialed professionals, they had to develop a unique voice to reach all their customers through email. 

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Alaska Alpine Adventure

When they started talking with Email Broadcast, Alaska Alpine Adventures had A LOT going for them: life-changing eco-tours, social media campaigns, smart PR, and advertising efforts.

But they didn’t have a plan for email marketing… until now.

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Although CarePac had a loyal customer base, they were victims of their own success. The firm was so busy fulfilling existing orders that it didn’t have the bandwidth for email marketing.

See what a custom email strategy did for business. Success is in the bag!

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CEC Print

Their customers appreciated CEC’s customer service and powerful printing prowess, especially as the business grew to cover more products and solutions. However, their primarily face-to-face model of communicating with these long-term customers wasn’t sustainable

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Compass Dermatology

When they first contacted us, the doctors were no strangers to smart marketing practices. Yet as business increased and their list of email addresses grew, they found they didn’t have the time or energy to build a successful email marketing campaign on their own.

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Global Home Finance

In order to spread the word about Global Home Finance and their one-stop shop for real estate financing, they would have to make contact with their target audience: realtors in Texas and Georgia. A custom outreach program was the key to their success. See how they did it.

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Intown Renovation Group

Despite getting well-deserved rave reviews from their customers, IRG wasn’t getting the new business they merited. The Email Broadcast team devised an email marketing plan to put IRG’s house in order.

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Loan Lawyers

Although the Loan Lawyers team is comprised of legal experts, they didn’t have that advantage with email marketing. They were doing their best on their own to share their mission with people who needed help. But after trying a few different marketing strategies on their own, they realized they weren’t getting the traction—or the ROI—they wanted.

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Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning

Rainier Window & Gutter Cleaning had made a reputation for themselves as the go-to experts for home exterior cleaning. However, business drastically peaked during the last quarter of the year, causing a lop-sided schedule. They needed to educate customers about the importance of year-round servicing and encourage pre-scheduling.

How did they do it? Read more to see the very important solution.

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Reclaimed Interiors

Reclaimed Interiors Boise had already attained eye-popping success with weekly email campaigns featuring their vast selection of high-end consignment furniture pieces, the best rugs in town, and luxe home decor.

The problem? Due to the quick rotation of pieces, owner Vicki Pene had to spend countless hours managing email marketing for the store. See how this business owner not only achieved open rates as high as 100%, she also got her life back.

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Despite writing a book, building a website, and slowly growing a contact list, Scolio-Pilates found themselves struggling with outreach. They recognized the need for email marketing to take her business to the next level. Here’s how we helped grow their business.

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Single Ply Roofing

Recognizing roofing needs aren’t always top of mind for local business owners, and Single Ply Roofing knew they could help. But how will they reach this audience? They needed a solid outreach program. That is where Email Broadcast comes in.  By partnering with us, we have crafted a cold outreach program to enhance their business. See how we’ve done it.


Synergy Power

Most people don’t realize what a custom template, compelling copy, fanatical editing, superior design, and mobile responsiveness can do for their bottom line. We were confident we could take Synergy Power’s marketing strategy to the next level.

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