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Email Marketing Agency Productivity Tips

Recently, the Email Broadcast team met to discuss favorite email marketing agency productivity tips and hacks. Everybody shared lots of effective strategies for blasting through creative blocks, distractions, and plain old malaise. (As a team of innovators, it was no surprise.)

Here are our top email marketing agency productivity tips. See if you can put them to work.

Know Thyself

Be honest about your natural rhythms and organize your tasks accordingly. Scheduling your most demanding tasks when your energy is high sets the tone for a prolific day. Similarly, knowing when to take a break is a critical component to our email marketing agency productivity tips. Spend ten minutes outside every day. Schedule a daily walk with the dog or a quiet coffee break. It can be the perfect jump-start for your creativity. 

Prioritize, Then Organize

As noted in “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller, focusing on the most important task first sets up a domino effect for the rest of the to-do items on any list. Likewise, ending the day with a review of your checklist can prepare you for a productive tomorrow. Here are a few other clever hacks included in our email marketing agency productivity tips:

  • Click “keep” on the right-hand menu of Gmail, which will create a running list of tasks that can be organized by client name. This feature also works on mobile devices.
  • Create a Google shortcut bar to organize your most-used features.
  • Use Google’s Clipboard function to manage the last 50 things that have been copied. For Mac users Clipboard History is also great for this.
  • Set alarms to stay mindful of how your time is being spent. Having this simple timer on your desktop can make it really easy.
  • Clear the clutter from your workspace, and then add motivating elements. Include one red thing and one blue thing in your office area—a red blotter will increase focus, while a blue skyscape will provide inspiration.
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Another one of our email marketing agency productivity tips is to hone your evaluating skills. When you are able to accurately assess how much time each task takes, it becomes easy to set an agenda that makes you more efficient, energized, and prolific.

By the same token, think of unexpected downtime as an opportunity. Use those free moments creatively to dramatically decrease your work pile. Whether you’re struggling with a bout of insomnia or have a cancelled appointment, recognize a window of potential productivity and get to work.

Pace Yourself

Productivity shouldn’t involve working around the clock. Investing in a time cube timer is a fun way to keep yourself on task for protracted periods. Give your subconscious a chance to relax, dream, and work its magic—without wasting brain power on checking the clock.

Besides, any list of email marketing agency productivity tips should include taking regular breaks. Scheduling downtime after protracted work periods, meetings, and brainstorming sessions invariably pays off. Take advantage of these pauses to restock your creative pond.

Prune Your Inbox

As email marketers, we have firsthand knowledge of what a black hole our inboxes can be. Here are some expert email marketing agency productivity tips that can radically reduce time spent slogging through messages:

  • Limit checking email to set times each day. Repeatedly checking your inbox is a surefire way to undermine productivity. Log out of your email when you’re finished.
  • Rather than reading through each message, simply scan your inbox to find the email pertinent to your task.
  • Resist opening an email until you’re ready to deal with it. There’s no point cluttering your brain with jobs to which you can’t attend.
  • Instead of deleting unwanted emails generated by lists, take an extra minute to unsubscribe. This will save you valuable time in the future.
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Pave the Way for Another Productive Day

Productivity breeds productivity. As our email marketing agency productivity tips show, a great way to keep the momentum going is to end the day by making lists of what needs to be done during the next work period. Additionally, compiling to-do lists with another colleague can prevent jobs from slipping through the cracks and keep everyone accountable for an efficient, easy workflow.

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