Does your email marketing campaign suck?

Score your email marketing campaign here.

Answer the 13 questions about your email marketing campaign below, and we’ll score your campaign.

Grab a piece of scratch paper and add two columns. Give yourself a check mark for yes or no to each question and then add them up.

  1. Do you have a great strategy on building your list, communicating with your people, and driving action?
  2. Are 2% to 5% of the people visiting your website signing up for your email campaign?
  3. Are you consistently converting new email signups into new customers?
  4. Is email driving at least 5% of your sales?
  5. Is your email design as beautiful as the rest of your branding and customer experience?
  6. Do people compliment you on your email campaign and eagerly anticipate the next one?
  7. Are you properly introducing your company and telling the best version of your story to new contacts you made both offline and online?
  8. Do you have all the technical skills required for all the various browsers, email clients, and mobile devices your audience uses?
  9. Are you disciplined in your approach, creating great content a month in advance? (Or is it all last minute heroics?)
  10. Do you have a giant list of amazing content ideas with your main problem picking which one to do next?
  11. Is your email campaign an extension of your brand and what it stands for? Have you gone through a formal branding process that you refer to consistently?
  12. Are you mining your report data to find out what people are responding to, and whom to follow up with personally?
  13. Do you swell with pride each time your email is launched?

Add up the yes column and find out how you did here:

0-4    The car equivalent of the Toyota Yaris. Yeah, it sucks. But you haven’t invested that much have you? Try harder, or better yet, contact us instead.

5-8   Chrysler 300. Nice work. You’ve got good fundamentals and some style, but you need help to go pro. Consider honestly if you have the time and resources, or should outsource.

9-11   Porsche Carrera. Stylish, powerful, respected. You are kicking butt. You may not, sniff, need us.

11-13  Ferrari 458 Convertible. People stop just to watch your email go by. Would you like to work for us? Check out our careers page for current openings.

So, how did you do? Leave a comment below with any questions this may have generated.

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