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Writing B2B Cold Email Templates to Craft Winning Connections

Updated: February 5, 2024
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The skill of developing B2B cold email templates—that prospects actually respond to—is a superpower in business outreach. These templates can help you grab the attention of busy prospects, spark their interest, and get a response. If you’re building or want to improve your cold emails, you’re in luck. Join us as we discuss B2B cold email templates, how they can boost your outreach efforts, and the do’s and don’ts of creating them.

What Are B2B Cold Email Templates Anyway?

B2B cold emails are emails you send to potential clients or prospects you haven’t connected with before. Using B2B cold email templates makes it easy to engage with new businesses. These templates help create awareness of your brand and drive prospective customers to your sales funnel.

Although there are different approaches to developing cold emails, the most important point is to be precise and reach out to the right audience. Instead of a broad approach, it’s crucial to target the right people.

Cold email templates for B2B can serve various purposes, such as promoting your business, exploring partnerships, showcasing content, or introducing yourself. It’s crucial to customize the templates to fit your brand. Tailoring your message ensures relevance in the competitive world of cold emailing. Put a pin in that.

3 Excellent Reasons to Use B2B Cold Email Templates

B2B Cold Email Templates Save You Time

With a template, you don’t have to start from scratch and write a whole new email every time. Templates can be easily customized to meet your sales prospecting needs and industry requirements.

Proven B2B Cold Email Templates Get More Responses

Using tried-and-true email templates increases your chances of success. These templates have been tested and refined over time, making them excellent examples to follow.

B2B Cold Email Templates Are Professional

B2B cold email templates are often created by industry experts or based on successful campaigns. By using them, you benefit from the knowledge embedded in these templates, enhancing the professionalism and impact of your emails. This increases the likelihood that recipients will take you seriously and improves your outreach efforts overall.

Anatomy of the Best B2B Cold Email Templates

Transform your cold emails from ordinary to outstanding by focusing on the most essential elements.

Personal Touches

Personalization creates connections and increases the chances of a positive response. Make each message tailored to the recipient, addressing their specific challenges, achievements, or industry concerns. Show that you’ve done your research and you really do care.

Value Statement

Create a clear value statement that clearly explains the benefits your prospects will gain from engaging with your offering. Whether it’s saving time, increasing revenue, or solving problems, highlight the unique value you bring. Show them the positive transformation they can experience by partnering with you.

Clearly Crafted CTAs

A clear call-to-action (CTA) directs your recipients towards the next step. Whether it’s scheduling a call, downloading a resource, or requesting a meeting, make your CTA straightforward, appealing, and easy to understand. Avoid confusion and provide a clear direction for your prospects.

Content Worth Opening

Keep your cold email templates for B2B short and simple. Be precise and get straight to the point. Start with an interesting opening, tell a captivating story, or use intriguing statistics to engage readers. Break your content into easy-to-read sections so busy professionals can quickly absorb your message. Make your emails an interesting journey that captures attention and leads to meaningful connections.

5 Do’s of Crafting B2B Cold Email Marketing Templates

Do Make Every Effort to Understand Your Audience

Learn everything you can about your target audience. Explore their industry, challenges, and pain points like a private investigator. As you gain a deeper understanding of your prospects, your ability to create customized B2B cold email templates that resonate with their needs and aspirations will skyrocket.

Do Write Engaging Subject Lines

In a world where we all receive over 300 emails daily, your message must stand out if you want anyone to take interest. The solution is to always choose subject lines that are enticing and encourage recipients to click open. You can significantly boost your open rates by adding intrigue, personalization, and urgency to your subject lines.

Do Make a Connection Immediately

The subject line is—literally—just the beginning of your B2B cold email template. It’s not enough just to get your prospects to open your email. Now, you have to entice them to read it. Remember, your reader always has the option to walk away, so it’s crucial that you seize their attention immediately. Use the first sentence to spark curiosity, show relevance, or strike an emotional chord.

Do Pay Attention to Structure and Style

Keep your readers reading by organizing your body content in a clear and concise manner. Break up the text into paragraphs, bullet points, or subheadings to add much-needed white space, as well as improve readability. Use bold or italicized text to highlight important points. Keep a conversational tone that will captivate your readers, making them feel engaged and interested in your B2B cold email.

Do Sign off with Flair

Bring it home with energy. Your concluding words should be powerful, urging your audience to take action. Whether it’s a simple suggestion to engage, a persuasive call-to-action, or an invitation to continue the conversation, make sure there’s no confusion about what to do next. End your B2B cold email templates with confidence, leaving your readers motivated and eager to take their next step.

Bonus: Do Use Reviews, Testimonials, and Social Proof

In a world where everyone uses Google to fact-check you in real time, earning the trust of your audience is paramount to the success of your B2B cold email template. Boost your credibility by incorporating social proof and testimonials into your emails. Highlight your expertise and demonstrate your value through success stories, customer testimonials, or industry recognition.

Don’ts of B2B Cold Email Templates

Don’t Target the Wrong People

Randomly emailing individuals, especially within a company, can get your messages flagged as spam. This is damaging to your reputation and undermines your marketing efforts.

Instead, personalize your B2B cold email template by conducting thorough research.

Identify your target audience and create a list of potential contacts for reaching out. Focus on decision-makers within the company. This may not always be the CEO in larger corporations, and it could be the owner/founder in smaller setups. Additionally, timing is crucial—send the appropriate email to the suitable prospect at the right moment.

Don’t Use Spammy Subject Lines

Remember, the subject line is the first point of contact for recipients. Excessive use of exclamation points, emojis, and spammy language can, at best, turn off your audience. At worst, this sort of language can land your message in the spam folder.

Instead, use a subject line that genuinely connects with potential customers.

Refer to our previous discussion on effective subject lines for the best B2B cold email templates. Avoid generic or overly sales-focused phrases that can make your email look like spam. Focus on an engaging and distinctive subject line that avoids spam triggers. Create a concise and intriguing topic that gives cold email recipients a good reason to read it. Studies show that 33% of email users decide to open emails based on the subject line, so it’s crucial. Remember, getting your prospect to open the email is the first step toward conversion, especially since 77% of sales emails are never opened. Customize your subject line to directly address your prospect’s needs and showcase your solution.

Don’t Write Long, Lengthy Emails

If you bombard your readers with excessive information or complicated jargon, you’ll lose them. Try to keep your B2B cold email templates between 100 and 150 words. The goal is to capture attention and pique curiosity, rather than provide extensive details about yourself or your business—you can provide those details later as your relationship with your prospects grows.

Instead of a beefy exposition, aim for conciseness, condensing your message into 3-5 impactful phrases.

Regardless of the industry, remember that being brief is important in the initial contact. Skip unnecessary pleasantries like “Hope this email finds you well” and “How are you?” as they don’t add much value. Get straight to the point, be precise—and your prospects will appreciate your consideration for their time.

Don’t Make It All about You

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about yourself too much. But remember: the introduction isn’t necessary, as prospects aren’t interested in you or your business. They might even label your email as spam without looking at it

Instead, when writing cold email B2B templates, focus on providing value to prospects.

Find their challenges, understand their needs, and offer a solution. Write a concise email that addresses a specific problem if their business is facing challenges. The key is to focus on their needs, not your own.

Follow-Up B2B Cold Email Templates

Another “don’t” of B2B cold emailing we haven’t discussed yet is don’t give up. Many of us hesitate to send subsequent emails, fearing they might come across as pushy after the initial contact. By no means harass people—but if a prospect doesn’t respond to the first email, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re uninterested.

Various reasons could explain the lack of response to your initial cold email. It might have been flagged as spam, the subject line may not have caught their attention, or the recipient could have been distracted by work and overlooked the email. These scenarios happen to everyone.

Regardless of the reasons, your initial outreach should not stand alone. Follow-ups are crucial. However, sending a generic “just touching base” message won’t cut it. Your follow-up B2B cold email templates should receive the same level of effort and thought as your initial messages.

Warming up Your B2B Cold Email Templates

In the fast-paced world of business, standing out and catching the attention of potential clients can be a tough task. However, with the skill of developing effective B2B cold email templates, you can unlock the superpower to grab the attention of busy prospects. These templates are more than just words on a screen—they have the ability to spark interest, pique curiosity and ultimately generate a response from your target audience. From understanding your prospect’s pain points to crafting compelling subject lines and personalizing your outreach, there are certain do’s and don’ts that can make all the difference in creating successful B2B cold email templates.

By implementing these guidelines for B2B cold email templates, you can take your outreach efforts to new heights and see an increase, not only in responses but also in conversions. Whether you’re new to cold emailing or looking to improve your existing tactics, there is always room for growth and learning in this ever-evolving landscape. So don’t hesitate to test different strategies, track your results, and fine-tune accordingly.

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