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Pre-schedule Appointments at Trade Shows

Updated: February 1, 2023
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Trade shows can be a great opportunity for businesses to make connections and increase their visibility in a crowded marketplace. However, simply having a booth at the event is not enough—you need to maximize your presence! One way to do this is by pre-scheduling appointments with attendees. This allows you to ensure that interested individuals visit your booth and learn more about what you have to offer. To pre-schedule appointments, first identify and target the most desirable prospects for your business. Then contact these potential customers directly and invite them to meet with you at an appointed time during the trade show. By hosting personal meetings during which you emphasize why your business is unique, you can better convert leads into customers.

Who’s Attending?

Knowing who is attending a trade show before it takes place is key to making sure exhibitors are well prepared for the event. Trade shows usually provide registration lists with contact information about attendees that can be used to target specific individuals. It’s also important to research the companies attending, as well as what their goals are for the particular trade show. Additionally, exhibitors should always take advantage of social media outlets such as LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with potential leads before the show even starts. By researching and forming relationships ahead of time, exhibitors can maximize the success of their trade show experience.

Segmentation, Segmentation, Segmentation

Knowing your audience is an essential part of effective marketing. With this knowledge, you can craft tailored messaging that speaks to your target customer’s wants and needs. It also helps you identify potential new markets or subgroups to target, allowing for more efficient use of budget and resources. By doing research into who your customers are and what drives them, you can tailor content to the specific interests of each group, creating a connection with consumers which will lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. With the right insight, you’ll be able to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns with targeted messaging that resonates with customers on a deeper level.

Advertise Your Attendance

One of the best ways to get people to attend a trade show is through effective advertising. It’s important to create an advertisement that stands out and compels potential attendees to visit the event. Exhibitors should also focus on emphasizing the value of attending by highlighting exclusive offers and information not available anywhere else. Display your ads  with traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio), digital media (websites, social networks, email), and guerrilla tactics (flyers, posters, public events). When properly done, trade show advertising can lead to increased attendance that will help exhibitors reach their goals.

Using Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for advertising trade shows. With millions of users across multiple platforms, exhibitors can easily spread the word about their presence at upcoming events. Exhibitors should start by creating simple, memorable hashtags for the event and post content that will draw attention from potential attendees. Additionally, running targeted ads and engaging with people in relevant conversations is a great way to reach the desired audience quickly. With social media, exhibitors can create hype around the trade show and make sure everyone knows where it’s happening and why they should attend.

Create a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is an effective way to promote that your business is attending a trade show. A landing page provides potential attendees with key information about the event, such as its location and dates, exhibitor list, special offers, and more. It’s also useful for driving traffic from other websites and social media platforms. Exhibitors should optimize their landing pages to include their company logo, name, contact details, and product photos or videos. Having a visually appealing and interactive landing page helps attract visitors who may be interested in attending the event.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth from your sales team is an excellent way to let potential customers know that you’ll be exhibiting at a trade show. Encouraging them to tell their contacts about the event and your presence is a great way to spread awareness and generate buzz. Ask your sales team to share information about the event via social media, email marketing, or through traditional word-of-mouth efforts such as networking events. You can also provide them with promotional materials such as flyers or postcards that they can hand out or leave behind during customer visits. This will make it easier for them to keep people aware of your attendance at the trade show.

Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are an excellent way to let customers know about your attendance at a trade show too. These emails should be customized according to the customer’s interests, with attention-grabbing headlines that will capture their focus right away and inform them of the relevant details. Including information about special offers or discounts available exclusively to attendees is also a great way to encourage people to visit your booth at the show. Additionally, make sure you clearly state which days and times you’ll be present at the event so customers can plan accordingly. Taking these steps can help boost attendance rates and maximize the ROI of your trade show presence.

Create a Booking Page

Creating an appointment booking form is a great way to efficiently preschedule customers and manage their information. These forms should provide visitors with the option to book an appointment at their convenience and allow exhibitors to collect the data they need. Essential features of the form include the ability to add customer name, company details, contact preferences, and more. Additionally, exhibitors can customize the booking form according to their preferred workflow—choosing from date and time availability options as well as setting limits on the number of appointments per day or week. Having a seamless online system for appointment scheduling helps exhibitors save time and money in managing customer inquiries.


It’s essential to take advantage of every opportunity to sign customers up for future communication and marketing messages. Building an email list or list of contacts is crucial for staying connected with current customers, as well as engaging potential customers. Having access to contact information allows you to reach out with news, special offers, and promos that keep customers engaged and interested in your products or services. Furthermore, by keeping a database of opted-in contacts, you can be sure your messaging is tailored specifically to the right people and is meeting their wants and needs. Having access to these contacts also allows you to measure the success of each message by gauging engagement rates and open/click-through rates.

Should You Invite Your Current Customers to Visit Your Booth at a Trade Show?

Inviting your current customers to visit your booth at a trade show is an excellent way to build relationships with them and generate more leads. It’s important for exhibitors to track their current customers’ contact details and create personalized invites that highlight the benefits of attending the event. Include information about special offers and discounts, product demonstrations, and educational sessions they can attend while they’re at the show. Additionally, exhibitors should send out reminder emails leading up to the event as a friendly reminder to visit. This will help ensure higher attendance rates and ultimately lead to better ROI for the exhibitor.

Boost Your Trade Show with Pre-Scheduling

Pre-scheduling meetings at a tradeshow can significantly increase your return on investment and ensure that you’re making the most out of the event. Not only does it save time and money by eliminating unnecessary foot traffic and unproductive conversations, it also ensures that those you have a pre-scheduled meeting with are the best fit for your company. By taking the time to book and schedule these meetings, you not only get the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, but you also make sure that those who do attend have an interest in investing in your products or services. This lets you focus on your prospects with the highest potential, resulting in a higher ROI.

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