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Platform Integration for Email Marketing—Advanced Campaigns

Updated: November 16, 2023
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Even the most enthusiastic person has to admit the topic of platform integration in email marketing isn’t exactly thrilling. If you’re using email marketing in your business—and you should be—you have a reason to care about email marketing integrations. We’ll show you why.

Imagine yourself on the verge of launching an innovative product, eager to connect with your valued customers through email. You’ve crafted an engaging email filled with impressive visuals and everything seems ready to go. However, just as you’re about to hit the “send” button, you realize that your customer list needs updating. If you proceed with the campaign now, you risk missing out on reaching potential customers who represent valuable opportunities for clicks and revenue.

This challenge is familiar to many marketers, but there’s a solution: integrating your email marketing tool with other essential business applications.

Join us as we explore why platform integration for your email marketing tools is crucial to your success. We’ll also dive into the realm of advanced email campaigns that become possible once your systems are harmoniously integrated.

Defining Platform Integration in Email Marketing

Before we explore how to blend your email system with other applications, it’s important to understand what email marketing platform integrations are all about.

Think of email integrations as power-ups. Email alone has limited capabilities—but when integrated with other tools, it becomes even more powerful and versatile. These integrated emails can automate campaigns, target VIP clients, and re-engage subscribers, among other tasks.

Using email in its basic form can take you far in email marketing, but neglecting integrations means missing out on unique features. In fact, integrations can be the key difference between a good email marketing campaign and an outstanding one.

What Email Marketing Platform Integration Can Do for You

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel today. It’s outperforming social media, paid search, TV, and radio in terms of delivering the highest return on investment (ROI).

To succeed in email marketing, you need high-quality data in your email lists. Research shows that marketers who have comprehensive subscriber insights and use this knowledge to segment their lists and send targeted campaigns experience a staggering 760% increase in email revenue compared to those who ignore these strategies.

So how do you make sure your email lists are always up to date? And how can you access deep data about each subscriber for your campaigns?

The answer lies in platform integration. The data you need often already exists in systems or applications you’re currently using. Seamless integration is the key to bringing them all together. For sales-focused organizations, vital data may be in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool you use. Online retailers likely find valuable data in their chosen e-commerce platform.

By integrating these essential tools with your email marketing solution, you can accomplish the following:

  • Easily access data for list segmentation
  • Personalize your emails with dynamic content
  • Trigger automated email campaigns tailored to your customers

This combination of capabilities leads to more relevant and engaging email campaigns. Ultimately, it will drive increased revenue for your business.

Email Marketing Platform Integration with Your CRM

If your business relies on sales teams to drive new customer acquisitions, chances are your CRM system is a goldmine of information that can power intelligent, effective email marketing campaigns. These campaigns boost revenue and can help you close deals.

By connecting CRM tools like Salesforce or Hubspot (just to name a few) with your Email Service Provider (ESP), you can effortlessly sync contact data between the two systems. This includes important information such as a contact’s name, email address, sales cycle stage, contact owner, and all your custom fields. You can also leverage these custom fields, like indicators of purchase intent or product preferences, to target and personalize your campaigns.

This wealth of customer insights can flow seamlessly from your CRM to your email marketing tool. It allows you to create modern, on-brand email campaigns without the need for coding or ever leaving the CRM platform.

Furthermore, all email activities are meticulously tracked within your CRM’s contact records. This provides sales teams with a window into the email campaigns initiated by the marketing department. That way, they can gauge how prospects are engaging with these campaigns.

Use Integration to Your Advantage

When you effortlessly combine your e-commerce platform with your email marketing software, you unlock a multitude of email marketing campaign ideas.

Determine Ideal Send Times

Creating effective email campaigns involves more than just great content. It’s about finding the right timing to maximize your impact. Not everyone checks their email all the time, so it’s important to understand when people are most likely to engage with your content. Using email marketing platform integration to include send time optimization tools can help you find the perfect send time for your mailing list.

Research suggests that the best times to catch people checking their email are during the workday, especially in the morning. As the evening approaches, email views tend to decline. Most people open emails between 9 am and 5 pm, and the lunchtime window is usually not as effective.

However, these are general observations, and depending on your industry, the numbers could be completely different for your audience. That’s why you should use your send time optimization testing tools to find the ideal send times for your specific email list.

Platform Integration Boosts Conversions

More than half of all generated leads possess the necessary qualifications for a sale—but aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. As a marketer, it often falls to you to guide these promising leads on their journey towards a successful purchase. An email marketing campaign is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

By integrating your CRM system and email marketing platform, you can establish a well-planned sequence of automated lead nurturing emails. These emails are sent strategically to prospects and contain valuable resources like guides, videos, and customer success stories.

This carefully-crafted content serves as a guide to inform prospects about how your product can bring tangible benefits to their lives. As a result, your platform integration brings them closer to the point where your dedicated sales representatives can assist them for a final close.

Increase Your Revenue with Upsells and Cross-Sells

The process of generating revenue doesn’t end once you’ve converted a lead into a customer.

After successfully closing a deal, your CRM database becomes a valuable source of information about the products they’ve purchased. This data empowers you to identify specific customers who would be excellent candidates for promotions related to other products and services they haven’t explored yet.

Email marketing platform integration with your CRM allows you to create targeted email campaigns that offer enticing deals on these complementary products. This ensures that your communication is not only relevant but also highly personalized to each customer’s preferences.

If you don’t have a wide range of products, you can focus on providing supplementary services. Consider introducing options like paid support packages or exclusive consultation offers, all tailored to meet your customers’ needs and preferences. This opens up new opportunities for generating revenue and strengthening your customer relationships.

Platform Integration Can Elevate Your Events

Events are a great way to showcase your product’s value and explore opportunities to upsell. Email is the best method for sending event invitations.

You can easily create a targeted email campaign for an event in a specific location. For instance, if you’re hosting a dinner in Austin, you can send emails to contacts in neighboring areas who are likely to attend.

For online events, you can choose who to invite based on their product interests or potential for cross-selling. Email marketing platform integration with your CRM system lets you create a list of prospects interested in a particular product and invite them to relevant online events. This approach boosts engagement and gets more people involved in events that matter to them.

Email Marketing Platform Integration for Customer Targeting

When you have new products or promotions coming up, instead of sending them to all your subscribers, it’s better to divide your list and customize each campaign for those who are likely to be interested. Once you’ve connected your email tool and ecommerce platform, targeting becomes easy. Create segments and send different campaigns to each segment. Or send the same campaign, but show only relevant offers and promotions based on what you know about your subscribers.

Platform Integration for Precise Geographic Targeting

When you send invoices or bills to your customers in business, you gather important data such as when they became a customer and where they’re located. These two data points have great value when used with your email marketing tool. They allow you to launch targeted campaigns based on location and send renewal emails at the right time.

Valuable demographic insights, often tied to where your customers live, are common data stored in accounting tools. Here comes our old friend, platform integration, to put this data to further use.

By seamlessly integrating your accounting software with your email marketing tool, you unlock the power to use this information. It allows you to create specific groups of customers based on where they are, so you can tailor your campaigns and promotions to different regions.

Boost Your Customer Subscriptions with Platform Integration

When it comes to subscription renewals, the sales team plays a crucial role in capturing every successful deal in your CRM, along with the closing date. But the real magic happens when you integrate this invaluable data with your email marketing tool, especially during renewals. This platform integration allows you to execute an automated email series, strategically sent before each customer’s renewal date. These emails act as timely reminders, gently encouraging customers to take action before their renewal date comes up.

Setting up this type of automated email campaign is a breeze with integrated tools. It serves as a powerful way to generate revenue from your existing customer base.

Email Marketing Platform Integration Final Wrap

When you seamlessly connect your business applications with your email marketing tool, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. You gain the ability to launch a wide variety of captivating campaigns that are specifically tailored to your leads and customers. These campaigns not only help you close more deals but also generate more revenue from your existing customer base.

The ideas and tools mentioned here are readily available for you to use and unleash the full potential of your marketing efforts. Use the power of email marketing platform integration to enhance all your marketing strategies.

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