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Klaviyo Pricing: Flexibility & Scalability for Email Marketing

By: Annie Pasquinelli
Updated: June 28, 2023
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Are you confused by the Klaviyo pricing plan? You’re not alone—but it’s actually simpler than you might think. 

As a powerful and popular email marketing platform, Klaviyo offers a variety of features designed to help businesses grow their audience and boost conversions. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of Klaviyo’s pricing structure, breaking down the various plans and options available to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned marketer, our aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of how Klaviyo’s pricing works so you can make an informed decision on the best plan for your email marketing needs. Let’s get started!

How Klaviyo Pricing Works

While other email marketing platforms like Mailchimp have only a handful of set plans, the Klaviyo pricing structure is different. It’s based almost exclusively on the number of email addresses in your contacts list. There are numerous tiers based on the number of subscribed contacts. That way, you only pay for what you need! And when your business starts to grow, your Klaviyo payment grows with you… but only a little at a time. With a tier for virtually every business size, Klaviyo pricing works great for just about every company. 

Let’s dig a little deeper and see how this works.

Is There a Free Plan on Klaviyo Pricing?

The short answer is yes, there is a free plan. It’s only available for lists with under 251 contacts. Additionally, you can only send 500 emails to those contacts per month. If you’re a small business, this is the perfect entry point. Alternatively, if you’re a bit larger than 250, you can try the platform on a small segment of your subscribers and test it out. Get used to the Klaviyo customer platform with the aid of email customer support (for the first 60 days) to see if a paid plan might be worth it.

Prices By the Subscriber Number

In essence, the primary principle that the Klaviyo pricing plan operates under is the contact list. This creates a pay-by-the-numbers system that can prove to be extremely cost-effective for growing businesses. You only have to worry about your specific number of subscribers, and if that number increases—as it should—your bill will only go up by a small amount each month. Pay for what your business needs right now… not more, not less. 

So what does your business need? Klaviyo pricing for their email plan starts out at $20 per month for 251–500 contacts. After that, there are about 50 different tiers, and they’re all different. To get a better understanding of how those tiers work, here’s a breakdown of a few landmark levels:

Number of Contacts Email Sends Per Month Price For Email Plan Per Month Baseline Price For Email & SMS Plan Per Month
0-250 500 FREE FREE
251-500 5,000 $20 $35
1,001-1,500 15,000 $45 $60
5,001-5,500 55,000 $110 $125
10,001-10,500 105,000 $175 $190
20,001-25,000 250,000 $400 $415
50,001-55,000 550,000 $790 $805
100,001-105,000 1,050,000 $1,440 $1,455
Over 150,000 Custom Plan Custom Plan Custom Plan


The Breakdown

As you can see from the chart, the plan scales from tier to tier at different rates. Plus, if you want to add on a texting plan (more on that later), it only costs about $15 more per month to have that capability. Of course, with so many options, it’s no surprise that Klaviyo pricing is practically customizable to your business needs at any given time. 

Additionally, for each tier level, you can send a serious number of emails per month. Certainly, they’re not giving you the short stick on that. You can be comfortable with multiple mass messages sent to your list per month—even with automated email series. And as your business levels up their game, your Klaviyo pricing will level up with you. It’s surprisingly simple!

Add-Ons for Mobile

Significantly, adding text messages to your email marketing program can be a powerful way to grab more sales. With more and more people checking their email from their mobile devices—and using those devices all the time—it’s a great way to connect with people where they are. 

However, adding a texting option to your Klaviyo pricing is a bit tricky. If you opt for the Email and SMS program, you’ll be prompted to choose from another set of tiers for how many text messages you want to send per month. These tiers operate on a similar system to the regular Klaviyo pricing philosophy: choose from a number of options to get exactly what you need.

SMS/MMS Credit System

Notably, the text message system doesn’t precisely translate directly from cash to credit. Each Klaviyo credit can be spent any way you want. However, while each SMS (short message service) costs one credit, each MMS (multimedia message service) message is three credits. If you’re wondering what the difference is, an SMS is a traditional text message. It’s a short, text-only send with a limit of 160 characters. 

On the other hand, an MMS message can be longer. It can also include an image or GIF. This can be great for introducing a new product or reminding customers of what they’re missing out on. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words… and a moving picture, even more! And since Klaviyo pricing provides credits rather than one-to-one pricing, you can send your audience an SMS for one message and MMS for another. Just apply the credits where you need them.

International Texting with Klaviyo Pricing Credits

However, before you get sold on MMS, if you’re an international customer—or your customers are international—that’s another thing to consider. In the Klaviyo pricing system, SMS credits work differently for sends to other countries. For example, six SMS credits in the United States will get you six text-only messages… but in Canada, it will only get you two. Here’s a chart for your reference:


USA 1 credit 3 credits
Canada 3 credits 5 credits
UK 5 credits N/A
Australia 4 credits N/A
New Zealand 10 credits N/A


Although this provides flexibility, it’s certainly something to think about. When it comes to your business and your audience, what do you need? Or rather, what services do you want to have available? Regardless, whatever you need, Klaviyo can likely provide it—at the right price.

Other Benefits with Klaviyo Pricing

Like we discussed above, the Klaviyo pricing system can seem a little tricky at times. It’s all in the name of getting the right price for your business needs—and not paying for more. However, there are plenty of other benefits that come with Klaviyo… and they’re available on every pricing tier. 

As soon as you start paying for any amount of service, Klaviyo chips in with killer customer service. Get your questions answered via email or even chat for instant help. Learn the platform fast with all the support you could want. 

Additionally, since the Klaviyo pricing plans operate on the number of contacts in your list, you never have to worry about paying for more than you need. As your business grows, you get the opportunity to grow your pricing plan to the next tier—or keep it steady. Accordingly, you’ll only pay for what you need. Although it looks complicated on the surface, it’s actually simple at heart. 

Finally, since Klaviyo always operates on a month-to-month basis, you never need to worry about sudden increases in your bill. Each tier goes up by a small amount per level. If you jump to the next one, the price is only a couple of bucks more per month. Seriously, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: with Klaviyo, you don’t have to pay for something you aren’t using.

Klaviyo Pricing: Flexible and Scalable 

To wrap this up, let’s review the highlights. The Klaviyo pricing philosophy is that you should only pay for how many contacts are in your list. For those with lists under 251, your service is absolutely free. Then, starting at $20, your bill only grows with your list. Whether you’re gaining a handful of subscribers per month—or if you’re seeing new customers flock to your page by the thousands—Klaviyo will give you just what you’re looking for. Plus, with their generous offerings for email sends per month, you’ll almost never have to worry about sending limits. From start-up enterprises to big-time businesses, there’s sure to be a Klaviyo tier for you. 

Additionally, with their text messaging program, you can expand your email marketing to include mobile messages. Use SMS credits to share a quick tweet-style message to your customers, or include images and GIFs with MMS sends. Then, depending on your needs, mix and match the two. You can even send these messages overseas, if your business begins to reach far and wide. 

Don’t let the details of Klaviyo’s pricing program deter you. Get just what you need for your email and text message marketing—and meet your customers wherever they’re at.

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