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How to Increase Solar Sales with Email Marketing

Updated: July 20, 2023
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Are you in the business of making solar sales (or another highly specific market)… and want to earn more? In a world that embraces renewable energy, solar power has emerged as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for countless households and businesses. However, with a rapidly evolving market and fierce competition, it’s crucial for solar companies to adopt effective strategies that not only generate leads but also convert them into loyal customers. 

If you’re in a similarly savage market, you’re likely doing everything you can to get more sales. That’s where email marketing comes in. It’s a dynamic tool that enables you to engage, educate, and ultimately increase your business. In this article, we’ll explore the key tactics and best practices to harness the potential of email marketing and skyrocket your success in industries like solar energy.

Solar Sales Are Just Different

The marketplace is truly a battlefield. With new startups joining the arena every day—and solar energy’s popularity continually on the rise—it’s no surprise that niche industries like solar are complex. Your target customers are likely tied to a specific geographic region. Homeownership is a must. They have to have an income level that will support a big investment… and they have to be willing to take that leap. That’s a big ask. 

There is good news: email marketing can help you find just the right people to advertise to. With proper targeting, thought leadership, and quality content, email marketing can seal the deal on your solar sales. Plus, with strategic initial setup, this can all be done with minimal effort on your part. 

Sell the Whole Package

You’re not just selling a product or service—you’re selling a lifestyle. That’s because solar sales and other niche purchases are more than your typical one-off buys. To put it simply, it’s a much bigger commitment than getting a novelty t-shirt with a funny slogan. (Unless that’s your schtick.) So dig into the concept of a solar energy lifestyle and share that with your potential customers. 

After all, the lifestyle you’re pitching goes beyond simply marketing your one big item like solar panels. It’s about inspiring a shift towards a desired way of living. For example, embracing solar energy means looking toward a cleaner, greener future… a future where people take control of their energy consumption and become conscious contributors to environmental preservation. 

By highlighting the benefits of your products with email marketing, you tap into the values and dreams of consumers who seek that lifestyle. So inspire and empower your readers to become who they want to be. Effectively, paint a picture of the desired lifestyle you offer through carefully crafted messages. Whether it’s promoting luxurious vacations, fashionable apparel, or wellness experiences, you’ll connect with customers on a deeper level—and tap into their deepest desires.

Get Specific

When you’re in the business of solar sales, chances are you’re focused on a particular region. But that means your customers are also in that particular region—so connect with them. Share about your local climate and how well it works for solar energy. Explore the local news and find other green initiatives in your area. Participate in green fairs, host educational workshops, or sponsor community conservation awareness. By positioning your business as an active supporter of local sustainability efforts, you’ll establish trust and credibility while fostering a sense of community. If you’re not in solar, then do the same type of thing for your industry. 

Similarly, leveraging social media platforms and local publications allows for targeted messaging where you can share success stories of satisfied customers. Furthermore, form partnerships with local organizations to open doors for collaboration on awareness campaigns and mutually beneficial projects. By actively participating in the local ecosystem and demonstrating a genuine commitment to the community’s well-being, your businesses can connect with local customers on a deeper level and show how you’re making a lasting impact in your region… and boost sales at the same time.

Capitalize on Cash Incentives

As much as we’d like to believe that everyone is deeply passionate about going green, the truth is that most people are more interested in saving some green. But don’t bemoan this fact—leverage it for your solar sales. Highlight the attractive cash incentives and money-saving benefits of going solar. 

And it’s not just solar. There are plenty of initiatives out there that might apply to your customers. By emphasizing the potential cost savings, you’ll capture the attention of prospective customers who are seeking practical, financially-savvy solutions. Similarly, your marketing campaigns can focus on the long-term financial advantages of your products and services. For example, in solar sales, that might be reduced electricity bills, protection against rising energy costs, and potential returns on investment by selling back excess power to the grid. 

By the same token, demonstrate how your business can do things better than the competition. Show how your products and services lead to substantial financial savings immediately and over time. This presents a compelling value proposition that resonates with consumers’ desire for both immediate satisfaction and long-term financial stability.

Try Cold Email to Boost Solar Sales

Turn another perceived disadvantage of a small audience into a win for your business by leveraging the power of cold email. Like the cold calls of old, there are ways to use email marketing to locate new “warm leads” in your area—people who should be on your advertising radar. 

For example, narrow down your list of potential customers. Let’s take solar sales. First, they should be within your area of operation. Second, they should be homeowners, which indicates they have financial and locational stability. Finally, they should be new to solar. 

What are your customers’ entry-level needs? By refining your potential audience, you end up with leads that are much closer to sales than those who don’t meet your criteria.

Get More Out of Your Solar Sales

To maximize sales through email marketing, you’ve got to go the extra mile. First, make sure that your email marketing is peak quality. Leverage typical strategies like audience segmentation and personalization, which are crucial to build rapport and establish a connection with your audience. For solar sales, you might include information on the specific solar system installed on their home. Build emails that make sense, are functional, and look visually appealing on every screen. Most importantly, implement a thorough quality assurance process to make sure no little details slip through the cracks. That’s the best way to look professional every time you send an email. 

Once you’ve got those items checked off your list, it’s time to implement targeted strategies that are essential—and unique—to your market. To illustrate, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Product Maintenance

During the initial purchase process, there’s always room for adding on more sales. The easiest way to do this is to suggest scheduled product maintenance and recurring service calls. These customer life cycle milestones can even be turned into automated email series. That way, reminders are sent at precisely the right time—without you needing to lift a finger. 

For solar sales, once your customer has solar panels on their roof, they might think that’s the end of it. But one of the biggest recurring customer purchases is for an annual cleaning service. That’s because it’s critical to maintain solar panels so they can generate the most energy possible. After all, your customers will want to protect their investment. 

When you’re considering your product and customer lifestyle, what are some key milestones you can capitalize on? These are your ready-made opportunities to connect with customers.


The natural next step is to look for ways to bring the customer further into their new lifestyle. Now that they’re in—and understand how fantastic your products and services are—how can your business offer ways to build on that? By offering complementary products or services that enhance the customer’s experience, you can create a seamless and integrated ecosystem to stimulate repeat purchases. 

For example, let’s go back to solar sales. After the customer is producing their own energy (and loving not having to pay their electric bill), offer them a battery backup that will store extra power for later. Battery backups also provide numerous additional advantages, such as better energy independence, enhanced self-consumption, and easier support during power outages. By showcasing the benefits of battery storage, you can offer customers a comprehensive solution that maximizes their solar investment. 

Whatever your business looks like, strategically identify and promote expansion opportunities through targeted marketing campaigns. This will allow you to effectively nurture ongoing customer relationships and create a steady stream of return sales. Not only will this increase the customer’s satisfaction from the initial purchase, but it also presents an enticing value proposition for them to invest further in their new lifestyle.


But it doesn’t stop there—and neither should you. Your customers are satisfied with your business at the entry level… but what if they could get even more out of your products and services by leveling up? 

Since new solar customers run their homes on electricity, one logical upgrade is to get an electric vehicle (EV). They’ll want to replace their gas-guzzling grocery-getter with something they can refuel at home. Simple, right? Not quite. Adding an EV to a household may eliminate your customer’s gasoline bill, but that fuel still needs to come from somewhere. Most likely, they’ll need to add additional solar panels to their system, as well as an EV charging station. So sell them on the idea! It’s a great way to boost solar sales, even if your customers only want the EV option available just in case. 

Ask yourself: what natural upgrades can be found in your product and service offerings? Leverage upgrade opportunities and new versions of existing products to entice customers to return to your brand. In addition, provide personalized recommendations based on your customers’ previous purchases to foster a sense of loyalty and trust that can be turned into future sales.

Referrals & Rewards

Customer referrals can be a powerful tool for companies like yours to drive more business and increase sales. Satisfied customers who experience the benefits of your products and services firsthand can become enthusiastic advocates for you. To encourage customer referrals, prioritize providing stellar customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Then, actively seek out customer feedback (and address any concerns promptly) to reinforce positive experiences that customers will be eager to share with others. 

Additionally, implementing a referral program that rewards customers for referring new clients can further incentivize them to spread the word. Request testimonials or online reviews from satisfied customers to boost your company’s online reputation and attract potential leads. By harnessing the power of customer referrals, you can leverage the trust and credibility of satisfied customers. This generates valuable word-of-mouth marketing and drives organic growth.

Make Your Solar Sales Shine Brighter

Although the market for solar energy systems—and other niche products and services—can look like a tough nut to crack, there are clear ways to increase sales through email marketing. First, sell potential customers on the lifestyle, not just a few solar panels. Target your demographic and highlight cash incentives for switching. Additionally, try your hand at cold email to weed out less promising leads from your potential audience. Next, turn one-time customers into recurring favorites by showing them other products to make their investment even better. Share the benefits of routine maintenance, expansion ideas, and future upgrades. Plus, capitalize on word of mouth by asking for reviews and incentivizing recommendations to friends and family. With these strategies combined, your add-ons and solar sales will outshine the competition.

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