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7 Steps to Use Automated Marketing in Your Business

Updated: July 24, 2023
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One of the key challenges businesses face is the conversion of prospects into paying customers—and if you’re not using automated marketing to accomplish that, you’re missing out. A lot of time, money, and resources go into collecting leads or prospects. If you’re not able to convert them into paying customers, your business’s growth can hit a plateau. This is true for virtually every market—especially the solar energy industry, where competition is increasing day by day. Learn how automated marketing can crank up your conversions—without you having to lift a finger.

What Does Automated Marketing Look Like?

Email automation refers to the process of creating, scheduling, and sending emails to your subscribers or customers on an automated basis. This marketing strategy is designed to streamline your email campaigns and save you time by eliminating the need to manually send emails. With email automation, you can set rules and triggers that automatically send emails to specific segments of your audience based on their actions or behaviors.

For illustration, take the solar energy market. Selling a complex product like solar panels involves multiple stages and convincing the prospects through a step-by-step process. Traditional sales methods may take a lot of time and effort from both the seller and the customer. Especially when it comes to solar energy, customers need a lot of information in order to feel comfortable with such a large purchase. Education is key in this industry. That’s why using email marketing to automatically inform customers before taking the leap into solar energy is a powerful strategy.

By using email marketing automation, you can take prospects through a targeted and personalized journey. This maximizes the chances of converting prospects into a paying customer. In this blog post, we delve into how companies can use automation in fresh and creative ways to increase their customer base—and reduce operational headaches.

To that end, here are seven powerful ways you can automate your email marketing.

1. Collect Prospects You’re Currently Missing on Your Website

The first step to convert prospects into customers with automation is to collect their data. And what better place to collect data than on your website? By implementing conversion-focused web strategies, you can collect data from those prospects who are likely to convert into paying customers.

For example, you can place lead magnets such as “Get a Free Quote” or “Read Our Energy Savings Report” to collect their contact information. Once you’ve collected their details, add them to your CRM (customer relationship management) system and start nurturing them through automated campaigns. This can be as easy as utilizing a pop-up on your website with a free giveaway.

Another option is to have a coupon code available to entice future customers to “Click Now to Save Now”. Alternately, create a quick questionnaire to gain even more insight into the needs of your future customers. The questionnaire could include questions such as the customer’s location, budget, or reason they’re interested in getting your products or services.

2. Convert Prospects into New Customers with Automated Marketing

Once you’ve captured the prospects’ details from your website automatically, use automation to nurture them. Through custom-designed campaigns, address their pain points and educate them about the benefits of your products and services.

For example, the questionnaire mentioned above could be used to send targeted emails based on the prospects’ answers. You can set up a welcome email that introduces your company—and even offer a discount to new subscribers when they’re ready to buy. If they’re about to take the leap into getting solar panels, walk them through the installation process. That way, they’ll understand what it takes to get their home running on solar energy.

Another option for solar businesses is to send out a series of emails to take them through the entire solar panel process. One email could welcome them to the world of solar energy. The next email could show how solar panels will save them money—while also saving the world. Finally, the last email could reiterate how easy it is to get started with a step-by-step installation process and timeline. Wrap it up with a call to action at the bottom that reads “Schedule Now” to make the conversion as seamless as possible.

3. Automatically Follow Up with New Leads

Automated lead follow-ups are an essential part of the conversion process. By using automation, you can create workflows that send personalized messages when leads complete specific actions on your website. Automated follow-ups can help ensure you never miss an opportunity to reach out to a lead.

Let’s say someone clicked on a “More Information” button in one of your welcome emails. You can have an automated marketing email in your workflow that will send without you having to do anything. By following up with leads automatically, you can reduce response time, which is a critical factor in increasing chances of conversions. On top of that, you can track their engagement and ensure more personalized messaging moving forward.

4. Increase Add-On Sales

Once you convert a prospect into a new customer, it’s important to drive add-on sales. By automating upsell campaigns, you can provide targeted and personalized product recommendations. This will keep your customers coming back for more.

For example, a solar company could send an automated email and offer a subscription to their own company’s phone application. This app could be used to monitor energy usage or see if everything is working efficiently. When it comes to a new customer’s solar panels, this add-on could be just what they need–an easy upsell for 24/7 access to their new solar energy. The customer gets what they need without ever having to contact the solar company.

Another upsell would be to offer solar panel cleaning and maintenance tips. Since this is such a large purchase for many customers, homeowners want to make sure they keep their solar panels clean and in pristine condition to operate efficiently. Sell them on this by sending an automated email with step-by-step cleaning instructions. Follow it up with a call to action, like a DIY video or the option to hire your company to clean the solar panels for them.

Upsell campaigns using automated marketing can also help you maximize the customer lifetime value, which is critical for any business. By providing value in a meaningful way, you’ll create a loyal customer base that drives revenue growth.

5. Minimize Recurring Operational Headaches

Automated marketing can also help minimize those recurring tasks from your operational to-do list. By automating processes like appointment scheduling and billing, you can be more efficient with your resources. Automation can also help reduce errors and free up staff time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

For example, once a prospect is ready to sign up for a solar panel quote, send an automated email with your company’s calendar link. This saves you time and energy trying to get a solar panel installation on the calendar. Once the installation is complete, another automated email can be sent letting the customer know how to maintain and care for their new solar panels.

6. Increase Your Company’s Online Reviews

Online reviews are a critical factor in consumer decision-making. Reviews serve as social proof and can help build trust with potential customers. By using automated marketing emails to ask for feedback from happy customers, you can create a system of positive reviews that will attract new business.

Let’s illustrate. After a customer has their solar panels installed and is happy with the process so far, send a follow-up email. This automated email can ask how everything is going and request their feedback, with links and suggestions to leave a 5-star review. Making the process simple and automated increases customer satisfaction. Plus, reviews like this will be easy to receive on a job well done.

7. Drive Traffic When and Where You Need It

By using automation to create targeted campaigns, you can drive traffic to areas of your business that could use more attention. For example, if you want more business in a particular area, create hyper-targeted campaigns. These can be designed to drive traffic to specific locations. That way, you’ll increase your local presence and create opportunities for new business.

For example, a solar company like Synergy Power might decide to expand their business to other locations. Let’s say they want to grow their business and service locations outside of California’s Bay Area. They would create a series of welcome emails targeted to other locations to invite new leads in the desired areas to use their services.

Automated Marketing Makes Sales a Cinch

In conclusion, automation can be a game-changer for converting prospects into new customers. In fact, it’s worked wonders for solar energy companies—and businesses in other industries as well. By using automation marketing, we can collect data, nurture leads and follow up to potential customers. We can drive add-on sales, decrease operational headaches, gather online reviews, and drive hyper-targeted traffic to your business. Automated marketing can create a system of growth that is both efficient and effective.

By utilizing automated marketing emails, you’ll optimize your processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue growth. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, automation should be a key part of your overall strategy.

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