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How to Increase Your Web Traffic through Effective Blog Strategy

Some people rarely check their email, but are constantly on Facebook or Twitter. Cross-promoting or re-purposing content through various avenues is a valuable way to engage your audiences and extend the shelf life of content you create.

If your company doesn’t currently have a blog, get one set up ASAP. A solid blog is an essential tool for your Content Marketing strategy. It’s a great place to link larger media that is too big for an email. Lengthier articles, white papers, videos (see below), slideshows, etc. are all examples of content that are perfect for a blog that could generate serious traffic for your site.

For some of you reading this post, you’ll notice we’ve executed our own advice. You received an email from us and now you’ve ended up here, on our blog. Notice how our blog design is consistent with the rest of our website? And since you’re in the neighborhood, you are now free to move about and explore other articles on our blog or other areas of our site. See what we did there? You’re also just about to get the opportunity to sign up for our Top 5 Insider Secrets with our Supercollector™ since we brought you back to our webpage. [Go ahead and sign up, we’ll wait right here.]

Setting up a blog is easy, right?

You can easily find a lot of choices on the inter-webs to help you set-up a decent DIY blog, like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. It may take a little time investment on your part to learn the platform, but seems it seems easy enough, right?

Maybe not. One of the big benefits of a blog is that you are constantly adding new key-word rich content to your site which can increase your search result rankings. But to get the SEO credit you deserve, a successful blog MUST be part of your DOMAIN for there to be any SEO value from the content. If it’s just a free-standing blog sitting like a lonely island out in the digital ocean, it won’t increase the SEO value of your website, because it’s not connected to your domain. Don’t waste that opportunity by blogging on a stand-alone blog.

So if you already have a website with it’s own design, what are you to do?

Email Broadcast Offers Clients Blogging Service

Since we already specialize in generating original content for our email marketing clients, we’ve taken our services a step further by offering a Blog Service as a complement.

If you don’t already have a blog as part of your domain, we can build one for you. We’ll style it to look just like the rest of your site for a seamless look, and you’ll be getting increasing SEO value with each post we add. This requires mad coding skills which (lucky for you) we have with Miguel (see video below).

If you already have a blog that is part of your domain, we can update it with the content we create for your email marketing campaign so there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

If you are like most of our clients, you have already tried the DIY approach to creating and maintaining your blog and have found out it’s a lot more work than you expected and it’s probably not part of your domain. You might also be less than proud of the brand consistency between your blog and your website. Sure, the colors are in the same neighborhood, and your logo is in both places but it’s probably still a bit off.

Our blog set-up and maintenance service takes care of setting up every aspect of your blog and actually makes it part of your existing web domain: i.e. www.yourcompany.com/blog. By designing it to look exactly like your site and hosting it on your domain, it creates a seamless user experience for your audience. (Check out what we did with md cosmetic!)

This is important because it increases traffic to the rest of your website and boosts SEO value. Now your customers have a better opportunity to engage with the rest of your website and find articles or videos they may have missed before. We also provide you with a short link to your blog posts, so you can post it to Facebook or Twitter, again redirecting your audience to your blog and website!

So if you are considering a professional email marketing campaign, and your blog isn’t as cool as what we’re doing for our other clients – give us a buzz!

And if you have a minute – check out Miguel’s Mad Skilz in the video below:

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