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Email Marketing for Aesthetic Medicine: A Makeover Story

Just off the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario in Burlington, Canada, is the aesthetic medicine practice called Dermetics. Led by Dr. Rosen and Dr. Muhn, Dermetics serves their local community with a variety of cosmetic procedures and pharmaceutical grade skin care products. Wendy Saunders, with her extensive experience in customer satisfaction, was recruited to come on board as the practice’s General Manager.

To ignite their marketing strategy, Dermetics chose email marketing as a way to stay in touch with their customer base. Nothing beats email marketing for it’s effectiveness and efficiency, so Dermetics set out to create a campaign. After initial research on the web, Dermetics saw the familiar name of Constant Contact and decided to sign up. Like most new undertakings, the challenge was met with enthusiasm, but soon the campaign began to dwindle in both it’s consistency and it’s effectiveness. Wendy put it this way,

“We believe in email marketing, but our attempt to do it in-house wasn’t working. We used Constant Contact which was supposed to be simple, but once we got started, we quickly learned the interface was not so easy to master – and we really didn’t have anyone for the job.”

Wendy and her team found that simply picking a platform from which to launch their emails was only a small part of the picture.

“We needed help with strategy, content, timing, and more, that a ‘do-it-yourself’ platform doesn’t provide. In addition to the challenges with creating consistently compelling content, there were other problems: “We were also very disappointed by the design choices and weren’t excited about the way our brand was being represented.”

After all the design work and extensive build-out that Dermetics had invested, the image they were portraying to their clients was amateur, at best.

A colleague told Wendy about the tremendous success they were having with Email Broadcast. Not only did they get a custom design that was so good they decided to redesign their entire website to look like the email template that Email Broadcast created, but EB also took care of writing all the content. And when the emails went out, the phone “rang off the hook.”  Even better, the “work” involved at producing a world-class email broadcast that they could be proud of was reduced to a 20-minute phone call each month. Wendy decided to contact Email Broadcast and that’s when everything changed.

“Working with Email Broadcast has been a polar opposite experience [compared to Constant Contact],” Wendy reports.”Not only do we have a beautiful custom design that we are proud of, our emails are written by their team, who have a lot of experience in aesthetic medicine – which was very important to us.”

Email Broadcast team member Miguel Solorio led the design project. “We wanted to match the open and airy feeling of their website, but also draw on some of the interior elements displayed at the practice,” said Miguel. “Dermetics has a beautiful three dimensional sign above their reception area and we implemented those same wavy lines into their template to tie in the physical location. We also picked up the colors from their logo and interior and implemented those into the design.”

Mae Carr is the account coordinator for Dermetics and writes 100% of the copy that is seen by the Dermetics client base. “Working with Dermetics has been great. During our call we simply pick one of the many content ideas that we have come up with in advance and I just run with it. We work at least one month ahead so we have time to polish our product.”  Wendy Saunders adds,

“We still approve each message before it goes out, and any edits I may have are minute, which surprised me, since there’s a fine line about what you can and can’t say in our industry. Email Broadcast gets it.”

So what results has the campaign achieved? We won’t tell you the exact numbers, but their open rate has never dipped below a jaw-dropping 40% and their click throughs have always bested at least 7%. Wendy has been very impressed with the results and adds,

“The real win is that we are actually sending out an email consistently every month and they are paying dividends.”

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