2019 Life Hacks: #3 Divide & Conquer

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Divide & Conquer

By Dara Gibbs | 20 March 2019 

Everyone loves organization ideas for success (and sanity!). Whether you’re sectioning out a t-shirt drawer so you can grab-and-go or you need some email marketing segmentation tips to reach your audience with relevant content, this hack belongs at the top of your to-do list.



Divide, Grab & Go Organization Hacks

Buy dividers for your drawers and fold clothing into quarters. You’ll be able to see everything in your dresser at a glance, making it easier to find your favorite t-shirt.

Set up a bench with dividing storage bins and wall hooks in an entryway or mudroom. This is a perfect spot to keep shoes, backpacks, and coats when you’re rushing out the door. (Kids will appreciate the new morning regimen, too.)

Label storage tubs for your seasonal decorations. If digging through massive piles of holiday decor isn’t your thing, organize them in storage bins with labels. You’ll have easy access to them as you transition from season to season—leaving you free to kick back and relax or tackle more important to-do items.

Conquer Your Fear of Segmenting Your Email List

Just like our client College Baseball Match (CBM), you can learn to segment your email list. By dividing it into smaller groups, you’ll reach specific list members with relevant information. There are many ways to target your subscribers, but here are just a few:

Define a merge field. In the case of CBM, we defined a merge field in their list with the category of “Family Role.” The three categories are parent, athlete, or coach. When sending content directed at coaches, we segment their audience using “Family Role is Coach” so that ONLY coaches receive the email. This ensures optimal content relevancy, increases open and click-through rates, and sustains subscriber retention.

Segment based on location. If your list has an audience that is widespread across the nation (or world) and your content is directed to a particular customer location, you can segment based on city, state, zip code, or country.

Email to re-engage your customers. If you want to run a re-engagement campaign for those list members that may have lost interest, you can segment by “Campaign Activity.” For example, you might select “Campaign Activity did not open Any/All of the Last 5 Campaigns” and send them a targeted email to get them back in the game. On the flip side, you might send content to only engaged members for improved campaign analytics or to focus on customers that are truly interested in your product or message.

No matter how you slice your list, the goal is the same: Keep your content relevant to the appropriate audience. Learn all of the segmenting options available and divide and conquer!

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